The Advent Show Society

The Advent Show is produced and governed by The Advent Show Society and its Board of Directors. 

The objectives of The Advent Show Society are:

  • To raise money and awareness for the poor, homeless, and marginalized;

  • To mentor, educate, and showcase young performing artists;

  • To produce events to fulfill the two aforementioned objectives, including but not limited to: musical theatre productions, concerts, workshops, seminars, and classes;

  • To produce an annual production entitled “The Advent Show”, that celebrates the traditional Christmas story, while realizing the first two aforementioned objectives.

Board of Directors


Shane Kirk
Judy Savoy, Honorary Chair
Judy Savoy
Honourary Chair
Geordie Brown, Executive Director
Geordie Brown
Executive Director
Lauren AuCoin, Treasurer
Lauren AuCoin,
Jennifer Cleveland, Secretary
Jennifer Cleveland


Learn more about The Advent Show on our About Us page.

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